Champions of Denial
52 of the most hardworking and influential personalities struggling against the climate consensus
Rex Tillerson

CEO ExxonMobil
Frank Luntz

Republican Pollster
Phil Cooney
Former chief of staff for President George W. Bush's Council on Environmental Quality and a former energy industry lobbyist
Marc Morano
Communications director for the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
James Inhofe

Senior Senator Oklahoma
Fred Singer

President and founder of the Science & Environmental Policy Project
Pat Michaels

Pat Michaels
Senior fellow at the Cato Institute
George W. Bush

43rd U.S. President
Sallie Baliunas

AGW & CFC sceptic
Steven Milloy

Cato Institute and CEI
Paid advocate for the Oil and Tobacco Industries
Joseph Bast

Chris Horner

Counsel for the energy industry-funded Competitive Enterprise Institute
Fred Smith

Myron Ebell

Terrence Corcoran

Martin Durkin

Michael Crichton

Richard S. Lindzen

Viscount Monckton

Timothy F. Ball

Philip Stott

Stephen Harper

Bjorn Lumberg

Tim Patterson

David Bellamy

Vaclav Klaus

K. I. Abdusamatov

George Chilingar

Willie Soon

Henrik Svensmark

William O'Keefe

Chris de Freitas

Nigel Calder

John Baird

Edward Wegman

Rush Limbaugh

John Howard

Hu Jintao

Juan José Daboub
tried to water down references to climate change in one of the World Bank’s main environmental strategy papers.
Ian Plimer

Frederick Seitz

Jan Veizer

Ronald Bailey

Marcel Leroux

David Legates

William M. Gray

Ian Clark


Penn & Teller

Zbigniew Jaworowski

Glenn Beck

Tucker Carlson