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01 janviery 2076

Today I felt a strong need to be alone. I was feeling lazy so, instead of going on a tricycle trip, I burned 25 Carbon Credits on biofuel to take me and the chugboard to the windy grey coast.

The machine is a fine adaptation of an old skateboard, with even a perch seat and handlebars. It even has brakes fitted, as although the engine is micro, the push can be macro. And with the road networks disintegrating, you do sometimes need to brake, in places where there is no viable cycleway.

Since the sea ate up the shallow inclines, the coast is really not as pretty as it used to be, and can be quite treacherous if you want a swim. There's certainly no beach culture any more, especially since there are now coastal storms most days of the year. Decades ago it became a bit much, even for hardened die-hard high-wall surfers.

I was all by myself with the ocean for a long while, with fresh salty air blowing into my lungs, watching the choppy metal waters and silver foam dance about. The sun came out, but it didn't feel at all happier. All the same, it was healing. To be out of the main zone for a while was relaxing.

In my memories of childhood, the seaside always meant yellow sand, soft and warm underfoot, and the raucous cries of seagulls. The sand playgrounds are gone. There are no seabirds left now, and that's a shame. No plankton, no fish, no birds. Of course there's still life in the deep waters, but we never see any of that. We'd probably eat it if we did.

At the low light time of year, at this time of the traditional end of year festivals, I get rather maudlin and discontented. I feel out of place and rootless and shiftless, and I have to move about, make some journey or pilgrimage.

This year end I have been thinking about the low-E low Energy society, and considering the important steps that brought us here, and wondering if it could have been better, if we could have done better.

I am always pretty amazed when I look back through the history h-logs at how wasteful humankind used to be, and how rapidly we had to learn to manage with our rightful resources, and strictly no more.

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