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Grim analysis: Heat wave 'good news' for death stocks - Globe and Mail
If you’re not enjoying the summer heat wave, maybe you should be invested in death stocks. That is more or less the message, anyway, from a recent Bank of America Merrill Lynch report on Service Corp. International, the largest publicly-traded U.S. company in the “death care industry.” In a section entitled “Death rate update: Extreme weather could boost 3Q13,” Bank of America analyst Robert Willoughby noted that U.S. deaths are up 6 per cent year to date. Third quarter deaths, meanwhile, are up 2.8 per cent.
18th July 2013
State Dept Keystone XL Environmental Reviewer Claimed Delaware Tar Sands Refinery Made Air Cleaner
A DeSmogBlog investigation reveals Environmental Resources Management, Inc. (ERM Group), the contractor that performed the environmental review for TransCanada's Keystone XL tar sands export pipeline, was also recently hired by a major Delaware City refinery to study air quality around the plant. This "study" was funded by the refinery itself, owned by Delaware City Refining Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PBF Energy. Delaware City Refinery is the recipient of 180,000 barrels per day of fracked oil from North Dakota's Bakken Shale along with oil extracted from Alberta's tar sands - both referred to as the "holy grail" by the Refinery's owner at a Feb.
18th July 2013
Economist: We'll just move to Siberia to escape climate change
by Brad Johnson. Cross-posted from ThinkProgress Green. The inability of mainstream economists to grapple with the consequences of unrestrained global warming has been a recurring theme at ThinkProgress Green. However, the gold medal for sociopathic insouciance about a world of unimaginable biodiversity collapse, global desertification, the death of the oceans, and the inevitable wars and chaos that would bring would have to go to Karl Smith, one of the bloggers at the influential economics blog Modeled Behavior. In his post "In Praise of Dirty Energy: There Are Worse Things Than Pollution and We Have Them," the assistant professor of public economics and government at the School of Government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill argues that despite the risks, "we should pursue the development of fossil fuels as rapidly as possible including looking for ways to streamline regulation in North American regarding fossil fuel ...
9th December 2011
Lord Monckton Brands Australian Climate Advisor a Nazi
NEVER a stranger to controversy or a fossil-fuel funded think-tank, Scotland-based British peer Lord Christopher Monckton has been caught jumping the proverbial climate denial shark just weeks before a nationwide tour of Australia.
[Is Monckton projecting?]

30th June 2011
Pawlenty defends Big Oil: Cutting oil subsidies is 'ludicrous'
Tim Pawlenty is proud that, "Every one of us" running for president has flip-flopped on climate change. Unsurprisingly, I suppose Pawlenty now defends the massive subsidies for Big Oil even in the face of their record profits. Think Progress has the story: Oil giant Exxon last week, on the same day that announced nearly $11 billion in first-quarter profits, publicly whined about the renewed push by Congressional Democrats and President Obama to cut the nearly $4 billion in subsidies that oil companies collect every year. "What they really mean is that they want to increase our taxes by taking away long-standing deductions for our industry," griped Exxon's vice president for public and government affairs Ken Cohen.
27th June 2011
AP: Warren Buffett "says he doesn't believe greenhouse gases represent a material risk for Berkshire's insurance operations"
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett appears seriously confused about the risks posed by greenhouse gases. Two years ago, the sage of Omaha wrote, "Doubling the carbon dioxide we belch into the atmosphere may far more than double the subsequent problems for society." Duh. But now the AP reports: Berkshire Hathaway shareholders reject a measure that would have required the company's utilities to set goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At the company's annual meeting on Saturday several people spoke in favor of the measure, saying Warren Buffett's company could be hurt financially by potential liabilities associated with carbon emissions.
27th June 2011
Solar scheme so successful that the plug will be pulled
THE Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet, is looking for new ways to slow the runaway demand for rooftop solar systems that has put pressure on electricity prices and made it harder to sell the government's proposed carbon price.
12th April 2011
Bonuses After Blowouts: Transocean Rewards Executives for Shoddy Safety
Nearly a year has passed since the Deepwater Horizon explosion killed eleven workers and caused the worst oil spill in U.S. history. A presidential commission blamed Transocean, the owner of the rig, and both BP and Halliburton for cost-cutting that caused the blowout. The BP blowout's ravages continue, and it may be many years before we understand the full impacts of the oil disaster including the health implications of Corexit, the dispersant that was used to break apart the oil to minimize the (visible) damage. Transocean leased the Deepwater Horizon rig to BP, and 9 of the workers killed in the blowout were employees of the offshore drilling giant.
6th April 2011
Small Nuclear War Could Reverse Global Warming for Years
Even a regional nuclear war could spark "unprecedented" global cooling and reduce rainfall for years, according to U.S. government computer models.
[Wrong-headedness reaches new peaks in this lazy, misleading article.]

5th March 2011
Nuclear war could reverse global warming, NASA says
NASA researchers discover that a regional conflict on the level of 100 Hiroshima bombs could have dramatic effects on ongoing global warming concerns, though with grave consequences.
5th March 2011
Greenhouse solar plant for cheaper extraction of oil
( -- A Californian company has found a way to reduce the cost of making steam for use in extracting oil from old oil fields: they heat the water using free sunlight.
5th March 2011
Saudi Arabia seeks share of $100 billion climate aid fund
OSLO/LONDON (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia is a special case in need of climate aid if the world shifts to clean energy, the world's top oil exporter told the United Nations ahead of a Monday deadline for proposals about slowing global warming.
21st February 2011
Climate change: the top conspiracy theories
Conspiracy theorists agree the data purported to show our planet is warming has been fabricated - but can't agree on whether to blame the East, the West, the Left or the Right.
30th January 2011
What was the role of warmists in the Queensland flood disaster?
Australia was told to prepare for droughts as a result of climate change, and let down its guard against flooding, writes Christopher Booker.
[Bonkers Booker yet again...]

16th January 2011
Begich: As the Arctic melts, let's Drill, Baby, Drill
Yesterday, Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) said that the rapid warming of the Arctic because of oil pollution means that more Arctic drilling should commence. Brad Johnson has the story on yet another amplifying carbon-cycle feedback - burning of fossil fuels melting ice that allows more access to fossil fuels we can burn. Begich was responding to the presidential oil spill commission's report, which recommended new drilling around Alaska, subject to stronger standards. The Democratic senator from the state most changed by global warming pollution used the commission's report to emphasize his desire for more "Arctic development" ...
16th January 2011

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