"Never Trust a COP" - The Media Co-op
More than 10,000 people answered the call to march through the streets of Durban, South Africa, last Saturday as part of a gobal day of action for climate justice and an end to climate change. The march coincided with the halfway point of negotiations at 17th meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP17).
9th December 2011
Support Tim DeChristopher
Tim DeChristopher was just sentenced to 2 years in prison for disrupting an illegal auction of oil leases in Salt Lake City. His sentence was meant to intimidate the climate movement - to make us sit down and shut up. We're not going to do that. Tim is appealing his sentence and needs about $50,000 for legal fees. That's a lot for a young activist to take on, so folks are pitching in to make sure Tim can handle his legal costs. Click here to donate:
30th July 2011
Stop The Tar Sands
It's time to take a stand against the Keystone XL pipeline, a dangerous and destructive project that would pump over one million barrels of dirty "tar sands" oil from Canada to the USA every day. The oil in the Keystone pipeline could poison drinking water, threaten the communities it runs through, and wreck the climate. But there's good news: the Keystone XL pipeline cannot be built without a "presidential permit" from the Obama Administration. Let's turn up the pressure to make sure President Obama rejects the pipeline.
29th July 2011
Tapping Social Media To Muster a Vast Green Army
A rapidly expanding universe of citizens' groups, researchers, and environmental organizations are making use of social media and smart phone applications to document changes in the natural world and to mobilize support for taking action. - Caroline Fraser, in a Yale360 re-post Last year, the spectacle of 80 million people flocking to the faux greenery of FarmVille, a social networking game on Facebook, held particular irony for environmentalists who have ritually bemoaned low levels of public interest in biodiversity. Every traditional method and media has been tapped to penetrate this elephantine indifference, from documentaries to dire predictions. Rarely a week goes by without reports on crashing ecosystems or mass extinction, a blizzard of bad news inspiring little more than hand-wringing.
18th July 2011
Canadian Parliamentary Election: Know Your ABCs - Anyone but Conservatives
While there’s a grain of truth to the vision of Canada as a mundane paragon of democracy, it is nonetheless an oversimplification that should be quashed, particularly in the runup to Canada’s May 2, 2011, election in which Prime Minister Stephen Harper – an imperious Conservative who has presided over a minority government for the past five years – is within arm’s reach of a majority.
1st May 2011
Our Lives Are Under Threat From Some of the Most Powerful and Richest Entities -- Here's How We Can Fight Back and Win
We need to rebuild the kind of mass movement that marked 1970: bodies, passion, and creativity are the currencies we can compete in. It's not impossible.
12th April 2011
Here's to building a mass climate movement
We need to rebuild the kind of mass movement that marked 1970: bodies, passion, and creativity are the currencies we can compete in. It's not impossible. read more
12th April 2011
Joining the next phase
Today I joined the newly formed Board of Directors of I have been a supporter of since I first heard about the wacky plan to turn a wonky scientific target into a global people's movement. In the past three years, we have all watched the number "350" morph into a beautiful and urgent S.O.S., rising up from every corner of the globe, from Iceland to the Maldives, Ethiopia to Alaska. read more
12th April 2011
2,000 protesters march on Koch Industries' DC office
Though they don't want you to know about it, the billionaire Koch brothers are bankrolling a massive campaign to roll back progressive achievements, and today, labor, civil rights, and climate activists turned out at dozens of rallies across the country to demonstrate against the Koch's secretive influence in American politics and to stand up for labor and civil rights. Think Progress has the story in this repost. In Washington, D.C. yesterday an estimated 2,000 protesters marched on Koch Industries' Washington D.C. offices and attempted to give Charles and David Koch an invitation to come out and speak with the protesters.
6th April 2011
Climate change denialists out-mobilised in Sydney
6th April 2011
The hour the world goes dark
Lights will switch off around the globe tomorrow for the fifth annual Earth Hour.
1st April 2011
A global view of Earth Hour
I was given the assignment to not only photograph the event from Taipei, Taiwan, but to produce a multimedia video that showcased the world's landmarks without lights as part of the fifth annual...
1st April 2011
Times are a-changing - March 7
- McKibben, Greenpeace, RAN: We need big, brash, nonviolent climate protests. Are you in?- Facebook and Twitter are just places revolutionaries go- Controversialization: A Key to the Right's Continuing Domination of Public Debates- 2011 is 1848 Redux. But Worse read more
9th March 2011
Texas activists ready to fight over $7bn oil pipeline in the home of black gold
US landowners along the proposed route - from Alberta to the Gulf coast - accuse oil firm TransCanada of bullyingIn an earlier life, David Daniel jumped through fire and performed a motorcycle stunt called the Wheel of Death. For his second act, he picked a fight with a $7bn oil pipeline set to run through Texas. He is not doing badly for a man taking on big oil in the home of black gold. Growing opposition to a Canadian project to pump crude from tar sands in Alberta across six American states to the Gulf coast could force the Obama administration to reconsider - and possibly delay - the project.The grassroots rebellion will come to Washington on 9 March, just as the state department is due to decide whether to grant final approval to the 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline.
5th March 2011
Earth Hour: from switching off to taking action
The Earth Hour global movement to help fight climate change is going beyond asking people to turn off their lights to making firm commitments to protect the environment, organisers said Wednesday.
5th March 2011

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